Lindsay Tours Celebrity Homes Close-Up on L.A. City Tours!

You've probably been to Hollywood Boulevard before and seen the Hollywood Walk of Stars but you haven't seen the real Hollywood until you've experienced L.A. City Tours.  Lindsay and the staff of Best Deals TV Show recently went on one of L.A. City Tours sight-seeing tours to see the homes of today's and yesterday's celebrities.


8 Things Really Amazing Communicators Do

8 Things Really Amazing Communicators Do

Want to be successful? You have to communicate effectively. Here are 7 practices to master.

It doesn't matter whether you are in the business of delivering products or services--either way, your success depends heavily on communication. When things go wrong, you can almost always trace the problem to a breakdown in


What to give someone with everything?

CityofSleep.comThat’s the question most people come across while searching for the perfect gift. I believe we have trhe answer! Most people have suffered from sleep issues and we all know a good nights sleep is worth its weight in gold. Therefore we’d like to suggest many products from

You’ll find excellent options to help get the best sleep of your (and your gift recepient’s) life! Check them out and make sure to use Best Deals as your discount code to save even more money


10 Ways to improve your credit score!


There are few of us with perfect credit scores, however there are ways to greatly increase your score and help you to qualify for a home loan. If you are looking for a new home, or know someone who is, call Interity Credit Corporation. They not only will help you secure the best loan available regardless of your cerdit score, but will also help you find your ideal home!

Rianne Koens' Peelpride Turns Fruit Peels Into Aromatic Food Seasoning

Dutch designer Rianne Koens noticed that fruit skins are full of flavor and tossing them is a real waste. Keeping this in mind, she created Peelpride, a set of beautiful kitchen tools designed for ...


Make your food dollar last longer!

Simply add a cup of vinegar to a sink full of water. This will remove wax and dirt from the fruite and vegetables and help keep them fresh longer! Keep your fruite and vegetables soaking in the water for ten minutes, then dry with paper towels and keep covered in refrigerator with a couple of layers of paper towels to absorb any remaining moisture within the container.

Courtesy of Wellness Uncovered Health Forum


Custom iPad Cover Designs

How cool is this?

Design your own iPad cover and your entire iPad will be converted to that design!


Finally, Lose Weight Safely and With Confidence. Watch Lindsay's Report.

Are you tired of roller coaster diets? Are you confused to which weight loss procedure is the longest lasting? Or are you concerned about the safety of the various weight loss programs available?

We found one center which will cut through the confusion and inform you about which procedure will be the safest and best for you. At Beverly Oaks Surgery, you’ll talk with board-certified physicians and nutritionists to discuss your best options in achieving your weight-loss goals.


Steps to choosing long term Care

These facilities provide care to people who can't be cared for at home or in the community. Nursing homes provide a wide range of personal care and health services. For most people, this care generally is to assist people with support services such as dressing, bathing, and using the bathroom, for people who can't take care of themselves due to physical, emotional, or mental problems.


architectural signs, custom made neon, murals, wall coverings and more!

We discovered a fantastic artist in the Pasadena area who does architectural signs, custom made neon, murals, wall coverings and, amazingly, skylights, too! His design experience will help bring your project to life. I’ve asked myself, “Exactly what doesn’t George Hernandez do?” It turns out he does most everything!


MASS Suit Takes Resistance Training and Weight Loss To The Next Level

We filed reports about fitness clubs, boot camps, exercise products, nutrition and so many others. But we have found one product that seemed to have everyone buzzing with excitement.

There are several resistance band products that you may have seen on late night TV, but we found one right here in Southern California that stands out because it was more than just a single band. It's a full body suit with resistance bands connected to your ankles, knees, elbows and hands. It is called "The Mass Suit". The Mass Suit is a one-of-a-kind piece of workout equipment designed to help you increase your results faster than any other type of equipment.

We decided to check out the Mass Suit ourselves for a variety of experiences. The first was just putting it on and doing a couple of minor exercises. This included pushups, pull ups, short sprints, stairs, squats and punches. People will want to see how quickly we felt the effects of the suit, and the short answer is immediately.


Healthy Smile for You

We here at Best Deals have found two extraordinary dentists practicing right here in our back yard!  Doctors Jorge Montes and Theresa Romero and their Valley Plaza Dental Office have been in their same North Hollywood location for well over 20 years.  Dr. Montes, coincidentally is the very dentist who heroically helped two LAPD officers who were shot during the North Hollywood Bank of America shootout that took place directly across the street from their office 15 years ago.


Positively successful

The can-do teachings of Dale Carnegie are still relevant 100 years later.

Living in New York, unemployed and broke, Dale Carnegie discovered during his first public speaking session that he had an innate ability to connect with people. That’s when the genesis of Dale Carnegie Training was born. A century later, his wisdom is still being studied and practiced by thousands worldwide, and there’s a training center right in our own backyard.


IT software testing Career... First 2-Classes are FREE!

Looking to change careers?  We found an IT school that will have you ready for career placement in just 10 short weeks! But here's the best part... the first 2-classes are FREE. Viden Coroporation is an IT shool taught by Hussain Maheryar. He focuses his curriculum around software testing. We visited the school and spoke with Mr Hussain. He told us, "Everyone is using software these days. Companies everywhere are using it and they need to find someone to come in and make sure its working."


When it comes to Fire Sprinkler & Fire Protection Systems

We found capable experts at Fire Protection Group, Inc. offer their customers peace of mind

When fire strikes, will you be ready? Whether you are thinking of your home or workplace, fire safety should be a paramount concern. It's not just prudent; it's the law. The key to comprehensive fire protection in Los Angeles is finding a reputable company that can evaluate your needs and provide you with exactly what's missing. One company that has made a name for itself over the years is Fire Protection Group, Inc. (FPG, Inc.).


Life Settlements Can Turn Your Insurance Policy Into Stress-Free Retirement

From IRA's to 401k's, many of us are looking for ways to ensure a financially sound and stress-free retirement. However if you have already reached retirement and are finding yourself struggling to get by we found a company that has an option for you. It's called The Lifeline Program.

If you have a life insurance policy, selling it as a life settlement is one of the most unique and exciting financial strategies available to savvy seniors today. You may ask why anyone would want to do this? The answer is simple – seniors know how to make the best financial decisions for their lives, and the truth is a life settlement makes sense.


Stop Foreclosure On Your Home

Sadly many people are faced with financial difficulties. Best Deals sought out experts that specialize in bankruptcy as well as out of court resolutions to avoid home foreclosure. As a home owner you are entitled to certain rights that prevent the loss of your property a lender may not have informed you of.


A New Career in Legal Studies

The paralegal field is booming and you can take part!  At Fremont College of Legal Studies, you will gain the knowledge and the work skills that will help you move into a rewarding future in the world of law. Fremont College's paralegal courses are designed to teach you the background and the theory of the legal system, and put that knowledge into practice at the same time.


The Top 9 Most Important Points That Everyone Should Know About Hair Loss

Hair loss affects men and women alike.  It is not solely a problem for men. Female hair loss is very common.  More than 40 million men and nearly 30 million women suffer from hair loss in the U.S. today.  However, it is very important for hair loss sufferers to be properly informed and educated on the vast differences between male and female hair loss.  Consulting with an experienced licensed hair loss cosmetologist or doctor is imperative to truly understand one’s situation and options.


a new career in Sports Therapy

Are you ready for a career built around helping people perform at their best?  At Fremont College of Wellness, you will learn the skills you need to help people relieve stress, ensure that athletes are maintaining peak performance, and speed up the recovery process for all kinds of injuries.


Vibrant New Townhomes at 36 on Echo - Minutes from Everything!

Right now, there are 36 fresh opportunities to own a brand new home in one of Los Angeles’ premier neighborhoods. 36 chances to live just minutes from downtown... minutes from the heart of Hollywood. And only blocks from shops and local entertainment. Just imagine, right now, 36 chances to have it all. Until they’re gone.

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