Busettii Mountain Bikes

(323) 901-9941
5278 West Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA
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New! Now a mountain bike with all the advantages of a Busettii!  Up to 86 miles on a single charge. Now you can enjoy an entire day out on the trails without worrying about running out of power.  Busettii's soft-cell, lithium ion battery is the best available on the market and the lightest!

Busettii mountain bikes features the motor at the pedals instead of the traditional wheel hub location for better torque and durability. This is only available on Busettii bikes and has proven to be the best design of any electric mountain bike on the market today. This bike has the best acceleration, hill climbing capability and best battery in the USA!

None of Busettii bikes require a license, plates, insurance nor GAS!  These bikes are a great way to help get OFF our dependence on foreign oil!

Financing available and a Rent-To-Own program is available!

Busettii even offers electric bikes for carriers and delivery services, and three-wheel electric bikes for those who need additional help with stability. Call them at: 323-901-9941 ask for Alan Partee.


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