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This 18 speed top class bike even rides great with no Battery power.  When you need to climb hills or make up time just switch on the HIGHEST power bike battery sold in USA.  One charge will take you 55 miles with no pedaling but if you use pedal assist mode you can stretch that to 75 miles per charge.  This is about 4 times longer than most other e-bikes.

The 48volt 13ah MPSC Lithium Ion battery by BYI was newly developed in 2009 and is a battery BREAKTHROUGH.  Busettii is the worlds #1 Electric Bike based on distance per charge, acceleration, hill climbing speed, and longest battery warranty. They focus our energy on high power long distance bikes and batteries.  Back Rack can even hold another Load up to 100 pounds with total Max capacity of 330 pounds riding load.  Extra battery packs can be used for double or even triple the distance up to 180 miles when used together.


Busettii bikes have the best acceleration, hill climbing capability and best battery in the USA!  None of Busettii bikes require a license, plates, insurance nor GAS!  These bikes are a great way to help get OFF our dependence on foreign oil!

Financing available and a Rent-To-Own program is available!


Their 10 pound BYI Lithium Ion battery is a major technology breakthrough.   The technical name is Magnesium Phosphate strip cell soft pack Lithium Ion.   This is a big leap forward because it holds 30% more power per pound than common Li-on batteries.  It also does not heat up while charging or using.  It can last 400-500% longer than other Li-on brands and this allows us to give a 3 year 2000 charge FULL REPLACEMENT WARRANTY on the battery and motor.

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