Balboa Pawn Shop

(818) 994-1970
7127 Balboa Blvd., Van Nuys, CA, 91406
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Do you think pawn shops offer just hand-me-downs? Think again! Balboa Pawn Shop has some of the best deals in town! This is truly a treasure find for the holidays... and beyond!

Balboa Pawn Shop offers a unique shopping experience to anybody who stops by our store. They offer discounted prices for the rare items that you’re looking for, and loans for just about anything of value.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, but find yourself short on the cash needed to purchase it? At Balboa Pawn Shop, they offer two kinds of solutions for just about any situation.

They can give you the loan you need to get something for that special person and show how much you truly care  - a loan based on a reasonable exchange of anything you already own. Or, if you’re simply having trouble deciding what to buy, go over there and have a look at their assortment of goods. From engagement rings to pocket watches, digital cameras to video games, chances are that they’ll have something that will make you (or someone special) happy.

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