DBD Unlimited Watches


Distinctive watches designed for Police Officers, Firefighters, Public Safety Officers, Servicemen, Law Enforcement Personnel, Aviators, Business Professionals, and the people who support them.

Their watches combine innovation with classic lines and superior technology, and offer unique jewelry items and accessories to coordinate with the design elements they are known for.

DBD Unlimited Watches was established in early 2000. With experience in construction and law enforcement, their design group wanted to create a unique watch to represent the dedicated individuals who give their all to serve their country and communities.

Their watch collection was originally designed for law enforcement officers, firefighters, and military personnel, but it didn't take long for others to take notice of our distinctive designs. Sports enthusiasts, business professionals, and watch collectors all appreciate the masculine design and craftsmanship of their watches.

Thousands of hours comparing various watches and designs gave insight to an area overlooked by the rest of the watch design community. DBD watches are European inspired and have classic lines, but rugged enough to endure the demands of various sports activities.

Their watches have the finest movement and undergo Scratch-Drop-Shock testing that would challenge many of their competitors. Their goal is to provide a large, high-end, quality product that will catch the eye of your friends, colleagues, and passers-by.

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