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731 N. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90069
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This is not just another jewelry store! This is a truly remarkable place to shop for the finest jewels available anywhere! You will be dazzled by the craftsmanship common in the 19th and early 20th centuries. If you’re for fine jewelry, Craig Evan Small ought to be your first, and will probably be your last, place to shop!

Craig Evan Small
is a highly respected dealer of real estate and antique jewelry from all eras, as well as unique and antique gemstones, and fine wristwatches. The roots of Craig's interest in jewelry and timespieces stretch back to 1938, with the founding of his family's jewelry business in Chicago, Illinois. A decade later, the family moved to Los Angeles where they established their company as a premier supplier of high-end jewelry to local retail stores. Craig entered the family business at a young age, becoming an expert diamond grader prior to graduating from high school. He then went to work for a diamond trading company in downtown Los Angeles and gained valuable experience buying and selling diamonds in the wholesale marketplace.

During the 1980's, antique jewlry had not yet evolved into the global business it is today. Craig was one of the first dealers to recognize its enormous potential, and he quickly emerged as one of the nation's leading experts in Retro, Victorian, and Art Deco jewerly. In 1994, having spent several years supplying the city's most prestigious jewelers, Craig decided to open a retail establishment of his own, in order to share his passion and enthusiasm for antique jewelry in a friendly environment.

Craig has the ability to provide his clients with the finest antique and estate pieces at extremely competitive prices. When it comes to sell or trade a piece of antique or estate jewelry, Craig has the resources and expertise to insure that you will receive top dollar for your important jewelry or fine timepiece. Thanks to Craig's dedication to providing exceptional customer service, you can be assured that buying or selling a piece of jewelry at Craig Evan Small Antique Jewelry will be a pleasant and edcuational experience.

In addition to being a nationally respected expert on Art Deco, Victorian, and Retro jewelry, as well as an expert on fine timepieces, Craig is also a member of several trade organizations. Craig looks forward to meeting new clients and would like you to call him regarding buying or selling your fine jewelry and timepieces.

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