Continental Coin

1-800-552-6467 / (818) 781-4232
5627 Sepulveda Blvd., Van Nuys, CA, 91411
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In need of some fast cash? Are you concerned about mailing your gold and jewerly to some unknown company fearing that they’ll cheat you and either not pay you what it really is worth, or worst yet, lose your valuable possesions?

This will never be the case with Continental Coin in Van Nuys. Having been in business since 1964, Continental Coin has established an extremely high level of trust within the community. You may walk in at any time during their business hours and meet with an appraiser right on the spot!

If you choose instead the convenience of mailing-in your gold or jewerly to Continental Coin, you can rest assured that the price they offer will be the highest available in the market.

Continental Coin even goes the extra step and provides you with PROOF of their honesty by video taping the process of handling your items, and placing that video confidentially on the Internet for you to witness first hand! Ask any other company if they’ll do that... they don't! Check around and compare companies. We believe, as so many others have, that you’ll always end up at Continental Coin.

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