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Have you been thinking of replacing your carpet or hard wood flooring? Save time and money at Carpet Clearance Custom Flooring. They have the experience you need to properly choose the right flooring for you, and have it properly installed. They also have the largest selection of flooring from which to choose!

If you think going to a big box store will save you more money, think again! The knowledge the employees at these big box stores have have is extremely limited and inadequate.

Instead, at Carpet Clearance Custom Flooring Center, you'll have access to the very best and highest trained experts in flooring. They'll ask you the right questions to match you up with the best flooring choices. This will insure your satisfation for years to come, and avoid costly errors and disappointment!

Plus, most ofb the time you'll end up paying LESS then any of those big box stores!  Why not call Carpet Clearance Custom Flooring?

Not only do they carry the largest selection of high quality flooring, but Carpet Clearance Custom Flooring now offers a wide selection of office furnishings, ideal for corporate and home settings!

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