Alert Power Washing

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Dirty, spotty concrete on your driveway or in front of a storefront, or even around trash collection areas are always an eyesore, and can truly diminish the value of any property. Alert Power Washing is able to clean all of your concrete, whether that be at home or work!

Again, mention Best Deals and Have your driveway cleaned for only $149!  That's more than half off their regular fee of $350. Their regular fee is the lowest you'll find anywhere!  Many services will charge up to $850 for the same service, so Alert Power Washing is a real best deal even before their Best Deal discount! But call them today as this special discount is only for a limited time.

In addition to their driveway cleaning discount, Alert Power Washing is also offering a $25 Special for Trash pads at condominuims and business!  This is an incredible offer, but also is available for a limited time, and does come with some restrictions. But well worth the $25 fee for this cleaning service!

Alert Power Washing travels all over Southern California. They told us no job is too small or large, so call them today and mention Best Deals for your Driveway and/or Trash Pad discount!

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