John Cassese the Dance Doctor

(310) 459-2264
1440 Fourth Street, Santa Moncia, CA
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Go and visit John Cassese The Dance Doctor and learn to dance right there in his fully equipped studio, or learn to dance at home with his Learn to Dance DVDs (instructional booklet included).  Why not learn the Fox Trot, Waltz and Salsa?  How about learning to dance for your wedding or a wedding or event you may be attending? Dancing is a great aerobic workout without the hassle of going to a gym!

Getting married? The Dance Doctor will ensure that the bride and groom will know all of the dance steps for a truly spectaculr "First Dance," as well as for all the dances of the night!

The Dance Doctors' available services include:

• Dance Lessions

• Live Music

• Djs

• Dance Exhibitions

• and...  Complete Studio Rentals for Almost Any Occasion!



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