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The MASS suit is a unique patented design used by people wanting to get into better shape to provide resistance training to your entire body by using rubber resistance bands. The resistance starts as soon as you clip the bands while just standing before doing any type of athletic movement.

The MASS Suit increases the resistance to your shoulders, arms, back, core, hip flex, quads, and hamstrings by attaching the MASS sleeves, straps and rubber cords to your body, elbows, hands, knees, and feet. This will create more speed, strength, power, stamina, fast twitch muscles and a more grounded stable balance while cutting calories and losing weight.

By intensifying your training you will increase the levels of your red blood cells which will amplify your endurance and muscle speed. Your breathing wiil also increase and that will create more oxygen intake and that too will help multiply red blood cells for increased stamina and power.

The unique design of the MASS Suit is ideal for every type of athlete in every sport to intensify their training routine. The MASS Suit is fully adjustable which will allow you to increase or decrease resistance depending on how strong or fatigued you are.

As your body adapts to your workouts and you need to pick up and push your conditioning, the MASS Suit will intensify your training up to 75% by adding more resistance to your punches, elbows, kicks, knees and core. The MASS Suit pushes your entire body to the limit. The fascinating concept of the MASS Suit is that it is mobile. You do not have to stay in one specific area.

You can take the MASS Suit to train on the field, gym, MMA studios or your own home while watching workout DVD's. It caters to your specific sport or need at any time and any where. You will be far beyond any athlete in your sport if using the MASS Suit consistently. You will lose more weight than anyone else doing regular fitness routines without any additional aid. The new Performance Enhancement system of the MASS Suit is the newest way to be the BEST.

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