The Healing Formula


The Healing Formula™ is an all natural over-the-counter wound and skin care formula developed mainly for the treatment of Pressure Sores (Decubitus Ulcers). The Healing Formula™was developed by a home care nurse with over 30 years experience.

We use the finest ingredients available including Certified Organic Aloe Vera with all the beneficial Enzymes still intact, Hydrogen Peroxide and Irish Moss. Bedsore Solutions™ is dedicated to the successful treatment of bedsores and ending the pain and suffering they can bring. Also called bed sores, these ulcers cause a great deal of pain and can turn into a life-threatening situation of their own.

The Healing Formula™ works from the inside/out, oxygenating the affected area, stopping the spread of infection, decreasing pain, while promoting healing. The Healing Formula™ has also proved effective in other areas of skin care such as, Diabetic Ulcers, MRSA, cuts, burns and rashes and much more.

There are over 6,000 peer published documents on the ingredients in this formula, with not one adverse reaction reported when used properly. The Healing Formula™ comes with an Unconditional Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. It is our sincere hope that The Healing Formula™ will help you or your loved ones to avoid any more unnecessary pain.

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