Monkey Bar Gym

(805) 531-9403
530 Los Angeles Ave., #102, Moorpark, CA, 93021
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Monkey Bar Gym offers a fun alternative way to workout and keep in shape!

Want you to get back in shape or train for a marathon? Whether you want to lose weight or enhance your athletic abilities, the Monkey Bar Gym will provide you with a unique fitness experience. Their certified trainers will revolutionize how you think about movement and nutrition by teaching you the basics.

If you think about all the different types of movement in fitness, you might imagine yourself running on a treadmill or riding a bike. At Monkey Bar Gym, they ask you to step off of the machines and get away from the mirrors while we demonstrate the four, basic natural movements: Running, Jumping, Crawling and Climbing.

Mastering these movements will provide you with the stability, strength and power you need for all of your favorite activities. What’s more, you won’t ever work out alone because at Monkey Bar Gym, they're committed to teamwork, too. Many of their members consider MBG their “third home,” because we work hard and we play hard to help you stay fit for life.

History of Monkey Bar Gym

The history of the Monkey Bar Gymnasium began when Jon Hinds was a little boy, playing on the playground or at home. He remembers running after (or away from) friends, jumping on and off obstacles, crawling across the ground or over logs, climbing trees like a little monkey. Parts of these experiences were also spent reacting to others, thrown balls or surprise attacks from his dogs or cats. Fitness came naturally to Jon as a child, because staying active was a natural form of movement that was both instinctive and intuitive.

Jon recalls that, “No one had to show me the skills from my childhood, I just did them and the more I trained them the better I became at all the games that involved these skills.” Playing skill-based games was a big part of Jon’s life, until traditional training methods took over when Jon started to play high school athletics. To Jon, he felt that “the skill playing was replaced by a machine and it took one-hundred percent of the natural fun and movement out of the equation. This new way of developing my skills was the norm, all the kids did it, but the goal of staying active had changed as well. Instead of having fun or staying in shape, it was 100% about how you looked, then if it helped you out in your sport, great!”

Jon continued on this new isolated “skill” training path off and on for several years following those early days in the gym. It wasn’t until Jon was training an NBA player named Lucious Harris when he realized he wasn’t having fun working out and he wasn’t getting the results he truly wanted. That experience restored Jon’s focus not only on what define.

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