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Motivation can be easy to find but hard to keep. That’s why they invented CurvesSmart™. A whole new workout designed to keep you motivated like never before.

CurvesSmart is a state-of-the-art personal coaching system that has been incorporated into our 30-minute circuit workout. Now every piece of equipment in their circuit is programmed with your body’s information to give you moment-by-moment feedback.

CurvesSmart also automatically adjusts to your body’s endurance level so you stay continually challenged and achieve your potential on every machine, during every workout. CurvesSmart then automatically computes all of your workout data to produce detailed progress reports that show your overall muscle strength, your calories burned and how close you are to reaching your goals.

It’s the knowledge and motivation you need to get the results you want.

Some of Curves' Success Stories:

Fran Spivak:
Pounds Lost: 115 Dress Sizes Lost: 24
"My fear of other people' s judgments isolated me. I only went to work and came home. Curves hasn' t just changed my life, it' s made my life."
Fran Spivak filled her days dreaming “what if.” What could her life be “if” she lost weight, “if” she wore normal-size clothes, “if” she could walk 10 feet without getting winded. Not long after stomach-stapling surgery, she found herself regaining and nearing 325 of her original 530 pounds. She thought she would have to take drastic action. Happily, Curves required only discipline induced by the wisdom, warmth, and camaraderie its program offered. In less than a year at Curves, Fran worked off more than 100 pounds. By becoming such a big loser, she’s become an even bigger winner.

Pat McCoy:
Pounds Lost: 26 Inches Lost: 37 Dress Sizes Lost: 3
"I am meeting myself – a woman whom I’ve had inside who was pretty cool, and the woman I am maturing into. I like who I am and I didn’t before.”
Responding to all of the "Honey-dos" and "Mommy-do' s" of her husband of 19 years and their three children, Patricia McCoy was a tireless homemaker. Establishing a business to help other moms meet their household needs, she was extremely busy. But she was not fulfilled. And despite all of the activity in her life, she was unable to lose the pounds she had gained over the years. None of her attempts to lose the weight - to health clubs to a personal trainer to a treadmill in her own home - have worked. Until Now.

Shanda Boes:
Pounds Lost: 114 Inches Lost: 90 Dress Sizes Lost: 16

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