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Remington Pure Water

Only $7.99 a month for your 3-month trial!



10 reasons to avoid tap and bottled water at all cost!

1. Even if you have copper pipes, trace amounts of lead still leach into your water.

2. Tap water contains dozens of dangerous chemicals.

3. Filter systems are only effective if you remember to change your filters often.

4. The yearly cost of water filters can be huge, when you do remember to change them.

5. Buying purified water in plastic bottles is no solution as many contain toxin PBAs.

6. The cost of plastic bottles can easily add up to hundreds of dollars a year.

7. Services such as Sparklettes and Arrowhead are even more expensive often costing up to $60 a month!

8. Millions of plastic water bottles end up in our landfills!

9. The cost of buying water bottles don't even include your waiting in lines buying them!

10. The best reason to avoid the above is to order Remington Pure Water at only $7.99 a month for your trial offer!  Even after that it's still a fraction of what you're probably paying now for water!


How pure is Your Water? Are your filters really working?

When was the last time you changed your water filter? You may want to think twice about the water you’re providing for yourself and your family. Whether you’re currently using a filter which attach to your faucet, under the sink or in your refrigerator, we came across a company offering a smart and logical alternative.

Are you still buying water in plastic bottles?  Not only are they filling up our landfills at an alarming rate, but the BPAs in these bottles are slowly poisoning you and your family! For more information on how serious this is, read this article released by the Mayo Clinic at (

Remington Pure Water has come up with a system where you will never have to worry about BPAs nor will never have to change the water filter(s)...  ever again! They will come over, install their under-the-sink system, and you be asured of having the purest drinking water available today.

Every time you pour water from the faucet, you will know by the color of the light on the faucet whether the water is pure or in need of a new filter. Once the light turns to orange, all you need to do is call Remington Pure. They will come over, replace the filters and make sure the entire system is running perfectly... every time.  This service is all included in the low monthly fee of only $7.99 for your 3-month trial.

Most people spend more than that on bottled water every month alone! Get rid of

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