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Edward Mofrad CPA CVA MBA, started his practice in 1996. Fresh from working for the Internal Revenue Service, Ed was eager to implement some of the many ideas that had occurred to me while working with the taxpayers from "the other side".

Ed’s idea in mind was pretty simple:  provide service for clients as if he was doing it for himself, with a "touch of personal care". Since he was not depending on the income for livelihood, he could afford to take his time with the returns (as opposed to rush through them in an assembly-line format in pursuit of bigger profits), examine alternatives, and come up with unique suggestions for the clients.  Ed kept hearing "No one ever suggested this to me before" from his clients.

Through the years Ed’s practice grew, and with it his motivation to seek ways to bring about better service to my clients.  In 2003, he ompleted requirements to become a California Certified Public Accountant, thereby adding the CPA designation.

Ed’s practice continued to grow and evolve with the clients' needs.  As demand for estate/trust planning and corresponding return preparation became evident, he continued acquiring knowledge and experience in that area.  Similarly, the practice started accommodating payroll, accounting, and nonprofit demands.

One of the areas in which he increasingly found himself working was forensic accounting:  digging for facts that were not readily apparent.  It was thus that the fascinating accounting niche of fraud/forensic/valuation was revealed to him.  That is when he decided to become certified as a valuation analyst.  After completing the vigorous certification process offered by the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA) in 2010-11, Ed attained his CVA (Certified Valuation Analyst) designation.

Also in 2011, Ed’s practice expanded out of its home-office base for the first time.  While that office in Santa Monica, California is still functional, the center of his practice's operation is now from his 16th floor Wilshire office with its panoramic views of downtown Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mountains.

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