University of Philosophical Research

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Have you reached a plateau in your career and are unsure of the direction to proceed?  Do you feel you have stalled in your upward progression within your career? We came across a fascinating university which may surprise you with their approach to upward mobility!  You can earn a Masters Degree in Wisdom Studies and find that the way you approach both your personal and professional life will change for the better.

We interviewed several graduates to hear their own experience with the university. As you can see on the video, they were not only satisfied with what they learned while earning their Masters Degrees, but became much more motivated in continuing the climb up the ladder in their careers.

The University of Philosophical Research provides online graduate-level degree programs for students seeking a humanistic education towards self-development and responsible planetary leadership. Nationally accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council, UPR employs an internationally renowned faculty to offers Masters Degree programs in Consciousness Studies and Transformational Psychology.

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