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Fremont College announced the launch of an exciting new educational program – the 2012 Fremont College Tiger Scholarship.  The scholarship offers focused, dedicated students the opportunity for a brighter employment future by providing you with financial support for your schooling, hands-on job training, unique recruitment opportunities, and direct access to some of Southern California’s top CEOs.

This program will be available to qualifying 2012 Fremont College enrollees.  Registration for the 2012 school year is now open, and you can apply at

Just as tigers in the wild groom their young to become the dominant, self-sufficient leaders of the jungle, Fremont College is striving to “send you off” with the training, tools, determination, and skills to become respected figures in another equally daunting environment:  the 21st century workforce.

The establishment of the 2012 Tiger Scholarship takes Fremont’s already strong commitment to providing affordable educational opportunities—designed to directly help you gain professional employment immediately following college—one step further.  Now, the college has partnered with top corporations such as,, 99¢ Only Stores, Panda Restaurant Group, Farmer John Foods, and Superior Grocers to create an intensive study program to offer you additional ways to meet the requirements of the 21st century workforce.

While the opportunity to interface with top businesses during college might seem like a pipe dream available only at Ivy League schools, Fremont College is making this dream a reality – right here, in the greater Los Angeles community.

“Traditional education in the U.S. is sadly out of step with the needs of both today’s students and the prospective employers who hold the key to their future career success,” explained Fremont College Chancellor Dr. Sabrina Kay.  “We believe that education in America can do better for our nation’s students, especially for those who are highly motivated and seeking responsible employment opportunities.  We also can do better for the employers in critical job sectors – such as business, design, and law – who are struggling to fill available positions with an influx of graduates who are inadequately prepared.  That’s why we’ve created the 2012 Fremont College Tiger Scholarship program – to combine a more practical, sensible higher education platform with the job preparedness opportunities that can truly change the equation for young people in our local community.”

Fremont College, an innovator in professional education, strives to close the gap between the traditional classroom and the 21st-century workplace.  The college offers an Ivy League-inspired educational system,

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