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Whether it’s a glamorous gown on a famous star or the logo of a major web brand, beautiful and compelling design grabs our eyes and stirs our souls. At Fremont College, you can design the right career leading to your dreams. Fremont College of Design offers an innovative Bachelor’s Degree in Design Entrepreneurship, and an Associate of Arts Degree in Design Interpretation with a focus in Fashion Design, Graphic Design, and Web Design.

Fremont College of Design gives you the best of both worlds. With their innovative teaching methods, you don't have to choose between theory and practice. You will learn the principles of design at the same time you learn the real-world skills that future clients and employers will treasure. And you will earn your degree quickly, so you will be able to start your new career in as soon as fifteen months.

Fremont College of Design has a broad range of courses to teach you what you need, so you can thrive in any part of the design world. From color theory and the trends that drive the fashion world to patternmaking and the techniques for making a stunning vector logo, you will learn both the art and the science of design. 

The design world offers many different careers. From designing fantastic movie costumes to creating an eye-catching magazine ad, there is something for anyone. Fremont College's design program offers you the best opportunity not only to learn, but to move smoothly into the working world. Even in their most theoretical courses, the focus is always on preparing you for your career, and they are dedicated to helping you create the designs of your dreams. Take the next step and call Fremont School of Design today, and don't forget to mention Best Deals!

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