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Many people buy a computer, turn it on, hook up the internet and hope for the best. Frustrations? Lost Data? Poor Computer Performance?  Virus and Spyware Infections?

Ready to just throw it out and start over with a new computer? You don't have to, but there is a correct way to owning and using your computer. Let the Maestro analyze your system and teach you the "correct" way to use your computer.

Whether you have one computer, two computers or an entire business network Maestro Computing can provide the service and support for all you computing needs. Maestro Computing Services can really make your computer system sing. They've been doing that since 1985.

Some of the Maestro's servces available include the following:

• Computer Sales, service, repairs, upgrades including:

Desktops, Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks, and Servers Laser, Inkjet, All-in-One printers, scanners, etc., and...

• Virus Protection/Virus Removal

• Spyware/Adware/Malware Protection

• Backup Systems

• Broadband, DSL, Cable Internet installation and support

• System Upgrades

• Webhosting, email hosting, domain name management

• Software installation, configuration and support

• Computer Equipment Rental including emergency internet services

• Email marketing

• Computer Tune-ups, Maintenance

• On site Services or Remote Access Service available

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