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953 S Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA, 91105
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Do any of your rooms at home lack great views? Penpoint Architectural Signs has created an excellent and creative solution with his skylight murals! At Penpoint, you can everything printed from wall posters and murals to his incredible and bright skylights.

Penpoint Architectural Signs was established in 1997 by Cal Poly Pomona architecture graduate, George Hernandez, who remains the driving force behind this busy and efficient creative enterprise.

Through his work in the field of architecture, George recognized both his passion for c design and the opportunity to use his skills in many different facets; ie: animation, rendering, presentation board development, design layout to electrical sign contractors license, which has allowed him to grow and fulfill a need within the local community.

Penpoint Architectural Signs has become a full-service provider to creative professionals, art and design students, public agencies and municipalities, businesses, nonprofit organizations as well as homeowners looking to enhance their living environment.

Penpoint (Penpoint Architectural Signs) recognizes the individual creative vision of each person and project with which they work. They work hard to ensure each and every client’s experience supports and reflects this vision. They’re friendly, skilled and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction with the finished product and with the quality of their service.

With over 14 years of experience, they count among our proudest achievements not only the quality of the work produced in their shop, but the exceptional loyalty shown to them by their customers who return year after year.

Give Penpoint a call today and see they can do for you!

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