Experience the best pizza at Barone’s

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(818) 703-1700


22435 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills CA (view map)

Visit Barone’s Pizzeria Expfess and experience the BEST PIZZA 70 years in the making! Their unique approach to making pizza is still the same as in the good old days and judging from what their customers say, that's a very good thing!

Their secret is placing all their fresh ingredients on the pizza first, then layer their top-quality cheese on top, allowing for all the flavors to properly seep into the crispy think crust.  This makes for the absolute best tasting pizza anywhere in Los Angeles!  That's only approapriate as Barone’s was the very FIRST pizzeria in Los Angeles, opening in 1947.

Give Barone’s Pizzeria Express a call today at (818) 701-1700, order your pizza and see why so many of their customers keep coming back, decades after first discovering Barome’s.

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